Note: The following premise is that the system has been rooted.

/systemIt is the Android system directory, which stores Android system applications and lib. Sometimes we need to write files into this directory. For example, we build our own apk into the system and start it as a system apk, but this directory has only read permission by default. no write…

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Android Champ is developed to get depth knowledge about the android internals. It is designed by developers and experts. Our goal is to create a space for handpicked blog posts and proof-read all of them. Our editors are developers, and we know what is valuable for engineering knowledge. …

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We often need SSH or telnet to remotely log in to the Linux server, and often run some tasks that take a long time to complete. During this period, we cannot close the window or disconnect, otherwise, the task will be killed and everything will be aborted or, the network…

Battery status

if you want to know the battery status or hardware status of the android device, here you can see all the details using the ADB.

You can dump the battery status with the following command:

adb shell dumpsys battery

When I run the command, I get the following output:

unique is identify by using it’s ID

Android assigns each application a UID( userID) at the install time. Unlike PID (Process ID) which is transient and keeps changing all the time, UID stays constant as long as the application is not reinstalled.

The UID should be unique to each application, except when the application explicitly requests to…

Usually after the new version of AOSP is released by Google, the SoC vendor needs to upgrade the HAL, and the OEM can upgrade the HAL and Framework before the user can receive the push of the OTA upgrade package on the device.

VTS itself means the compliance test suite…

Linux Fstab

What Is Fstab?

Fstab is your operating system’s file system table. In the old days, it was the primary way that the system mounted files automatically. Nowadays, you can plug in a USB drive of any kind and it’ll just pop up in Nautilus as it does in Windows and…

In this article, I am covering the basic understanding of android beginner framework development. I have written some other articles about the android framework concepts. To know about these articles, please go through the below profile link:

First, briefly introduce the architecture of Android

The interviewer in interviews asked these questions with top-tier Internet companies. Familiarity with the knowledge points listed in this article will greatly increase the chance of passing the first two rounds of technical interviews.

Mainly divided into the following parts:

(1) Java interview questions

(2) Android interview questions

(3) Advanced…

This technological era is driven by globalization that is revving up the job market. Working with one or two organizations during one’s career lifetime is thing of the past. In this fast-paced world, diverse and stimulating career options are easily accessible, across borders.

Let’s list down a few of the…

Budhdi Sharma

A developer is responsible for developing a framework and system applications for devices powered by the Android operating system.

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