Note: The following premise is that the system has been rooted.

  • Execute adb shell su. Enter adb shell as root user;
  • Execution mount|grep /system, you can see the following information, different devices, see different information.
/dev/block/platform/15740000.dwmmc0/by-name/system /system ext4 ro,relatime,data=ordered 0 0

image copied from google
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screen image is taken from google

Battery status

unique is identify by using it’s ID
unique is identify by using it’s ID

Linux Fstab

First, briefly introduce the architecture of Android

Java interview questions

  • Bad appraisals
  • Incompetent manager/supervisor
  • Company Policies
  • Lucrative job offers
  • Fat pay packages/hikes
  • Travel opportunities
  • Change in career option
  • Working in a different country

Budhdi Sharma

A developer is responsible for developing a framework and system applications for devices powered by the Android operating system.

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