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  • Manuel Vivo

    Manuel Vivo

    Android DevRel @ Google

  • Josef Raska

    Josef Raska

    Key to being a good engineer is largely to use your judgment and avoid problems that would require a good engineer to solve them. Code matters!

  • Vasya Drobushkov

    Vasya Drobushkov

    Android Developer

  • Vasiliy Zukanov

    Vasiliy Zukanov

    Software development consultant, freelance developer and blogger at www.techyourchance.com.

  • Paulina Szklarska

    Paulina Szklarska

    Flutter GDE / Android & Flutter Developer / blogger / speaker / cat owner / travel enthusiast

  • Adam Ahmed

    Adam Ahmed

    Android @FlixBus

  • Fred Porciúncula

    Fred Porciúncula

    GDE @ Android @ getmoss.com, previously @Blinkist, @Quizlet, @DisneyABCTV

  • Niklas Baudy

    Niklas Baudy

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