Serving Notice Period

This technological era is driven by globalization that is revving up the job market. Working with one or two organizations during one’s career lifetime is thing of the past. In this fast-paced world, diverse and stimulating career options are easily accessible, across borders.

Let’s list down a few of the most common reasons that may drive one to quit.

  • Bad appraisals
  • Incompetent manager/supervisor
  • Company Policies
  • Lucrative job offers
  • Fat pay packages/hikes
  • Travel opportunities
  • Change in career option
  • Working in a different country

The above are stimulants that compel us to explore the job marketplace.

This is widely evident in a developing country like India where job opportunities are abundant. People tend to resign from their jobs quite often. From what I have seen and experienced, the average tenure of an employee in a corporate job in urban India is probably 4–5 years.

Companies are not really bothered about retaining the employee either as they are not in a losing situation. They can find a suitable replacement in very little time.

Coming to the bone of contention, one phase that is mandatory in all situations is “Notice Period”. Whether it’s a layoff or voluntary resignation, policies of the company and local laws dictate the need to serve one. This chapter that closes books of one’s career is vital for both the company and the employee irrespective of the period. It can be 15 days, a month, a quarter or maybe more.

Here is what you should ideally be doing during the notice period(The employee)

Interaction with your manager/Skip level executives/ HR representative

This is the first phase which will probably continue until your last working day. Be specific and candid during this process. You may want to let your heart out during the one to one discussion with your superiors.

  • Be honest and truthful.
  • Let them know the reason you want to resign.
  • If you have a grievance against someone, tell them.
  • Determine if they are genuinely willing to help.
  • Ask them if they can offer something that excites you.
  • Take a few days to brainstorm.
  • And if you’ve decided to resign, document it and send a formal email or letter.

During the Notice Period

  • Think about the future; plan a road map of what you should be doing.
  • Consult friends & family, start applying for jobs, read well if you are staring at a career change.
  • Feel relaxed at work, do not maintain hostility with anyone, you have nothing to lose.
  • Have frequent meetings with your supervisor on knowledge transfer or training a peer.
  • Be dedicated during the knowledge transfer phase, if you’re not serious, it may harm the prospects of your peer or junior.
  • Chalk out a training plan, document it and prepare SOP’s if required.

Interaction with Team Members and Other Colleagues

  • Needless to say, you may have developed a strong cohesion with your co-workers, especially if you worked there for a long time or you were a part of the pilot team.
  • Spend a good time talking to them, go down the memory lane (Remember, you may never see them again).
  • Try to meet up with the decision-makers if you’re still looking at internal movement and don’t really want to leave.

The Final Last Week or Two During the Notice Period

  • Back up your Payroll documents like payslips, hike letters.
  • Copy or forward all important emails like any appreciations, intellectual property, etc.
  • Do not copy or replicate any sensitive and confidential company information.
  • In some organizations, the process of separation starts as early as a week from the last working day. Be educated on the exit formalities.

This is just basic which may help you to get a better opportunity.

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